Presidian is an Australian independently owned specialist finance, warranty and motor insurance provider.

With the strength, reach and experience of Presidian, we can provide tailored finance, insurance and warranty programs to assist our business partners in reaching their business profitability goals while providing their customers with the highest quality products.

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Presidian today announced that it has entered into a binding agreement to sell 100% of its shares to McMillan Shakespeare Limited (ASX:MMS). Completion of the transaction is expected to occur on 27 February 2015, upon the satisfaction of certain conditions.

Presidian provides a diverse range of warranty, finance and insurance products to the automotive market in Australia.

Presidian was formed in 2013 when National Warranty Company and National Finance Solutions merged to form a diversified finance and insurance business, thus providing an unrivalled suite of products that cater to the entire motor vehicle purchasing decision.

Presidian distributes its products through a significant network of dealers, brokers, and its own retail stores (Money Now). Combined, Presidian has over 3,000 distribution points across Australia.

Jamie Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of Presidian commented that, "McMillan Shakespeare is an exceptional business and is a very good fit for us, with a high focus on customer service that fits well with our successful model of servicing our distribution partners.

The sale will provide growth through access to an expanded distribution network, while for our partners; it will provide access to a broadened range of products.

For McMillan Shakespeare the acquisition will firmly establish it in the motor vehicle consumer finance segment, with a market leading value proposition across both the new and used vehicle segment.

It is also a tremendous opportunity for our staff, who I thank for their tireless efforts in assisting the shareholders through this transaction, it is greatly appreciated".

Presidian is being advised by Miles Advisory Partners, Johnson Winter & Slattery and Ernst & Young.

A copy of the McMillan Shakespeare ASX Media Release is available here.

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